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Better driving means lower auto insurance rates

It shouldn't come as a revelation that better drivers usually get cheaper auto insurance. It's apparent that if a person drives better they are in better control of their vehicle and less likely to cause an accident. But it's the word "better" that many people tend to misinterpret, believing that setting up a rally NFS-style on the highway will actually make them better at driving. Despite the common belief, driving better doesn't necessarily mean pulling out stunts and handling the car at 200 mph. From the insurer's point of view "better" means safer and less risky. And if you think that there's nothing really complicated about it think again. Being a safe driver involves more than just respecting traffic rules and going by the book when being behind the steering wheel. A skillful safe driver knows how to prevent the multitude of risky situations that may take place on the road and is able to find his or her way out of any peril that may result in an accident. And being such a driver will get you cheap auto insurance.

If the possibility of getting affordable auto insurance got your attention, there is good news if you want to take it further and become a better driver: it doesn't require too much time or effort on your part. There's a thing called defensive driving, which you have probably heard of but never realized that it might be helpful in cutting insurance costs. Defensive driving is a general term used to denote a large complex of rules, recommendations, indications and practical skills all used to reduce any risks while on the road. Developed during the 1960's by the National Safety Council expert Chris Imhoff, defensive driving courses were initially aimed to improve the driving skills of various types of professionals (ambulance drivers, policemen, military mechanics, etc.), making their driving style more efficient and less prone to accidents. But it didn't take a long time for private schools and organizations to start training ordinary drivers all over the country. Soon, defensive driving schools could be found in every large city and today there isn't a shortage in places where you can get respective training. So, what does it give you anyway?

First of all, defensive driving is all about the skills you master during the course. There are various rules that the student is taught that go beyond the ordinary driving indications. Drivers are taught to be more efficient on the road while reducing the risk of having a collision with any objects. Usually, this means being able to assess the situation on the road correctly and in a timely fashion and know what actions have to be taken. As simple as it sounds, it takes quite some time even for experienced drivers to master all of the wisdom and skills offered during a typical course. But as a result people become better prepared for any potential road hazards and produce significantly less insurance claims, which are reflected in the statistics. The effectiveness of defensive driving courses is so pronounced that the majority of car insurance providers will actually give a discount to anyone who will show a respective certificate. And that's exactly why you need to enroll with these courses as they will both make you a better driver and help you to get cheaper insurance for your car. The efficiency of killing to birds with one stone.

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