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Car insurance tips

Car insurance always seems like a very complicated and overpriced thing that you just have to get in order to drive a car legally. Some people even call it an additional tax on owning a vehicle, and to a certain extent they are right. However, despite the compulsory nature of car insurance it doesn't have to be expensive all the time. And it's surprising how often people overlook the simple measures that can yield them affordable coverage for their cars. It's usually a matter of making the right decision when buying a policy and knowing exactly what affects the rates in the first place. The following tips are general recommendations that can help you to get affordable insurance that is adequate to your needs. So the next time you think about car insurance make sure to think about these things:

Anti-theft devices

First and foremost, you should think about equipping your car with proper anti-theft devices, and the more the better. The modern market of security devices is abundant with various mechanisms ranging in construction, price and purpose. However, insurance companies usually prefer giving out generous discounts to those who get advanced devices rather than the cheapest models. Think of more expensive alarm systems, electronic immobilizers, central locks and other more sophisticated features if you really want to get that discount. However, even the simplest mechanical immobilizers such as the steering wheel bar can be very effective when combined with other security measures. Just don't forget to contact the insurer after equipping your with all these devices to opt for a discount.

Define your exact needs

One of the most common causes for people to overpay for car insurance is the fact that they don't know what coverage limits they really need. The simple rule "the more the better" is certainly helpful, but as you increase the coverage limits and expand the set of situations when the coverage applies your premiums become more expensive. That's why it is crucial to determine which the most important coverage options are and how much coverage to get. Local repair and medical costs should give you an idea of the optimal coverage limit for your vehicle.

Adjust the policy to your current situation

Many people forget about their policies and just prolong them every time the due date comes. However, if you've gone through certain changes in your life you should also review your policy and adjust it accordingly. Say, you got married or moved to another town - these things will influence your insurance rates and you have to make sure of it. Or maybe you've finally paid off your auto loan and don't need the fully comprehensive coverage anymore? Timely coverage adjustments can really make a difference.

Keep a clean driving record

Your driving record is one of the most important documents when it comes to car insurance as it reflects all DIU and traffic violations during all the time you've been driving a car. The more entries you have in the record the more of a risk you are considered by the insurance company and the more expensive your policy will turn out to be. So make sure to keep the record as clean as possible to have a chance for affordable car insurance.

Improve your credit score

Credit score is a rather unexpected factor that actually has a pronounced influence on auto insurance rates. It is known that people with lower scores tend to file claims more frequently and those who have better than average scores are less troublesome when it comes to insurance. That's why improving your credit score should be a priority since it will garner lower auto insurance rates. Besides, there are more benefits to improving your credit score such as lower interest rates and better conditions on loans and credits, so you should seriously consider this option.

Increase the deductible

Deductible represents the level of damage you agree to deal with on your own without calling the insurance companies. It is used to diminish the number of minor damage claims, which are a real headache for insurance companies. The higher you set the deductible the lower your premiums drop because it becomes less likely for the insurer to get a claim from you. However, you should be careful when adjusting the deductible since you may end up with uncovered damage that is beyond your current financial abilities and it makes car insurance completely useless.

Opt for discounts

Discounts are available in more situations that you may actually imagine. Nearly all insurance companies offer various discounts to reward loyal and low risk drivers, and some of these discounts can be substantial. While the exact set and conditions of discounts tends to vary from insurer to insurer, there are common discount types that you will find with most insurers: low mileage, loyal customer, multiple car, multiple policy, good student, improved security, special group, senior driver and many others. So make sure to ask your insurance provider or agent about any discounts you may opt for and get one if you're eligible for it

Consider buying an insurance-friendly car

The vehicle itself is a very important factor when it comes to car insurance rates, although many people tend to overlook this fact. The value and production year of the car may give you some reference on the possible insurance quotes, however it's not as simple as it seems. Each car model tends to differ in repair costs, safety features, liability costs and theft rates so it's quite often that two very similar car models can yield very different insurance quotes. So take the time to search for more insurance-friendly cars and get one instead of the current auto if your car insurance rates are always high.

Improve the security of your car

Making the car less prone to burglary and theft is actually a great measure for getting cheap car insurance. Insurance companies appreciate it when customers take the effort to minimize the risk associated with their cars on their own. So if you install an advanced alarm system or a new vehicle tracking device you will surely get a sweet discount.

Shop around online

Comparison shopping is very important when it comes to insurance. However, since all insurance companies started giving out quotes via the web it became even easier to shop around for car insurance. Simple quote comparison with several offers from different companies being analyzed can result in substantial savings. So don't hesitate to spend a couple of minutes and get more quotes online in order to get more affordable car insurance.

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