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Funny car insurance claims

Most of the time car insurance claims are detailed and utterly boring documents that contain details common for all accidents. Insurers deal with thousands of such claims on a regular basis and it's hard to impress them with a rear-end collision or a fender-bender. However, some things described in the claim can make even the most serious insurance worker giggle and wonder how that could happen. In fact, if you search for "weird and funny insurance claims" on the web you will get tons of the most ridiculous situations that could make a good stand-up act. Still, if the plausibility of these stories can be disputed, the following stories are 100% true and serve as a proof to the notion "there's nothing weirder than reality":

Shoot the car

One insurance company was filed a claim that was certainly embarrassing for the customer to write. The story goes as follows: the customer was driving his truck with a shotgun on the passenger's seat, minding own business. When he stopped the car and walked out of it he reached for the gun to take it out with him. However, while getting out he tripped and accidentally dropped the gun, which made it misfire. The customer wasn't sure whether it was him who accidentally pulled the trigger or the shotgun fired all by itself, but the good thing that it wasn't aiming for him. The bad news, however, was that the gun was loaded with buckshot, which literally tore most of the interior to pieces. Fortunately, the customer had comprehensive coverage, which eventually paid for the damage. But it was certainly embarrassing for him to write "I shot my car with a shotgun" in the claim form.

Mattress case

This accident took place in Seattle on I-5, which is a rather crowded place most of the time. A couple was moving a mattress on top of their car, and as it turned out they didn't secure it well enough before moving. So as they were driving through the traffic the mattress just fell off the car's roof, causing a three-car collision the moment it hit the ground. The couple's response? They just fled the scene and forgot about the mattress, leaving three not-very-amused car owners behind, who had to file uninsured motorist claims with the explanation containing "a mattress fell and its owners have fled the scene".

Strange hail

During the 1990s there was a period of intense hail storms, which have caused significant insurance payouts, including auto insurance claims. However, one claim got the attention of an insurance company since the reported damage was well beyond the average amount of hail claims. When the insurance adjuster inspected the vehicle he noted that the hit spots were just too symmetrical to be the result of hail damage, looking more like the work of a typical hammer. The claim was rejected since it was apparent that the customer made it all up. But he didn't give up that easy. Instead of letting it go he filed a police report, stating that an unknown person damaged his car with a hammer, and later filed a respective insurance claim. Since the insurance company couldn't prove it otherwise, they were forced to pay the customer whose property sustained "an act of vandalism".

A really bad day

Unlucky chain reactions look very funny when you see them on screen. However, when you become a part of them it doesn't look all the amusing anymore. This was the case of an unfortunate driver who had a really bad day. First he rear-ended a car standing in front of him in traffic. And as he was pulling out to make some room in order to assess the damage, he hit the bumper of the car that was standing behind him. But it wasn't the end of his misfortunes. As he was about to exit the car he hit a passing-by cyclist with the door, causing a total of three independent claims in the course of a minute. Talk about bad luck, huh?

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