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Modern anti-theft devices and car insurance

The officials love to repeat the statistics on auto theft from the last couple of years as it were their personal achievement. You have probably heard that the theft rates have drop to a 40-year minimum and are now equal to those we had during the 1970's. This is certainly great news, especially assuming that only ten years ago the rates have reached an all-time high with over a million cars being stolen on a yearly basis. Nevertheless, even if the rates have dropped considerably this doesn't mean that cars don't get stolen anymore. Fact is that over 700,000 cars get stolen per year these days and it's still important to have your car properly protected against theft. While most car owners employ the good-old strategy of "it ain't worth stealing anyway", the percentage of compact and medium-class vehicles that get stolen may actually surprise you. That's why you should seriously consider fitting your car with an anti-theft device no matter the car's market value. And the modern anti-theft device market sure has plenty of things to offer. Here are some of the most common and popular anti-theft devices you can consider fitting into your car:

Mechanical immobilizers

Mechanical immobilizers are the simplest, most affordable and visually engaging anti-theft devices your money can buy. And best of all, they are really varied, which makes them suitable for just any car. The first thing that comes to mind is of course The Bar (steering wheel immobilizer), however there are immobilizers for many other parts of the car such as the hood, gear switch, injector and even the brakes. While eliminating such devices doesn't involve any sophisticated knowledge and can be easily handled by a professional thief, they will surely make the process more risky and dangerous, forcing the thief to think twice before even trying to break inside.

Electronic immobilizers

Electronic immobilizers also come in a wide range of forms, the most common of which is of course the central lock. But apart from the factory-installed electronic lock system, there are many additional devices that can serve as kill switches from a distance without the thief even noticing them. Popular devices are installed near the fuel injection or ignition systems, effectively "killing" the vehicle if it's accessed by someone who doesn't have any permission. The price for such a device may vary greatly but it's recommended to buy more expensive versions in order to gain maximum effectiveness.

Alarm systems

We all know what alarms systems are used for, and, surprisingly, the mere fact of the car carrying one of those can ward-off even a serious thief. Yes, alarm systems are annoying, especially the cheaper ones that may go off even with a car passing by. That's why it's better to invest into a more expensive model if you want to keep the neighbors friendly. Advanced alarm systems can be fine-tuned and set to different settings, which allows you to minimize the chance of misfires and get it triggered only when there's a real break-in being commenced.

Vehicle tracking systems

The latest in anti-theft technologies that is gaining popularity fast. There are several companies that either reduce their own tracking devices or use the vehicle's factory-installed GPS system to track the movements of the car in real-time once a theft report has been filed. It is said that the return rate of vehicles with such devices installed is over 90%, which is way higher than the general return rate on stolen vehicles. And of all the anti-theft devices you could install this is certainly one of those that will get you a car insurance discount automatically!

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