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Most and least expensive cities of US for car insurance

It shouldn't come as a surprise that car insurance costs tend to vary a lot deepening on your ZIP. But to what extent the location affects auto insurance rates? As it turns out the difference can be astronomical if you take two extremes of the spectrum and compare the most expensive and most affordable cities in the USA to get car insurance. The difference can be ridiculous both in price and the distance, with some big cities having several ZIP codes and offering significant rises and drops in rates when you move just several miles. So which are the places to get the most and least expensive insurance in the USA?

As it turns out, Detroit and New York are the worst places for getting car insurance, but it strongly depends on the particular ZIP:
Highland Park, Michigan just outside Detroit is considered as the most expensive place to insure a car. With average rates around $4,200 per year for a new car, with a perfect driving record and no tickets, this place is beyond ridiculous in terms of car insurance rates. Detroit itself and some of its suburbs also compete for the title of the least insurance-friendly place to have a car in. The average rates for some of the most expensive parts of the Detroit area go as follows: Hamtramck ($3,950), Detroit ($3,700) and Grosse Pointe Park ($3,500). It's pretty ironic, assuming the role of this area in national car production industry, don't you agree?

Seeing New York competing for the title of the most expensive place to insure your car isn't that surprising. Anyone who has been to the Great Apple knows very well that there's no place like it when it comes to crazy traffic. The abundance of cars alone is enough to make insurers push their rates above the average. However, some parts of New York are considered riskier than the others and you will surely have a hard time finding affordable car insurance in the following places: Fort Hamilton ($3,950), Brooklyn ($3,800), Bronx ($3,450), St. Albans ($3,230) and Springfield Gardens ($3,200). The only place that spoils the complete domination of the two large cities is Allison, Texas with average annual rates just a little short of $3,400.

As for the least expensive places to get car insurance there are two states that make very attractive destinations for those in need of effective budget optimization: Arizona and Maine. Bullhead, Arizona is considered to be the most insurance-friendly place with average rates around $730 for exactly the same car and policy you would pay $4,200 in Highland Park, Michigan. And even if you drive several miles away from Bullhead to cross the Colorado River and end up in the neighbor city of Laughlin, Nevada this alone will increase the average rates by 70%. Other places in Arizona that will offer the sweetest car insurance rates include Chloride ($730), Oatman ($730) and Lake Havasu City ($735).

If you're not a fan of hot climate, the state of Maine can provide a suitable alternative, especially if you pick smaller cities. The best places to get car insurance in Maine are Pine Point ($733), West Scarborough ($733), Cumberland Foreside ($735), Amity, Ashland and Blaine (all $736). As you can see the difference with Arizona cities is purely marginal, so you can easily pick Maine if you love cooler climate, lobsters and fish.

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