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Parking the right way to get cheap auto insurance

The most apparent reason for having auto insurance is of course being able to cope with the losses caused by a traffic collision. Whether a direct hit with another car or an unfortunate mishap with a fence or someone's house, auto insurance is used to deal with the costs arising from these common situations. However, these aren't the only cases when auto insurance may come in handy. One of the most common reasons people call their insurers are the cases of theft and burglary. Despite the fact that auto theft has reached an all-time low of the past 40 years, there are still hundreds of thousands of cars getting stolen every year and insurers have to pay for the large part of these vehicles as long as their customers carry fully comprehensive coverage. Naturally, insurers aren't happy about these expenses, so if they see that someone has a higher risk of their car being stolen or vandalized they will surely charge higher rates. That's exactly why you should pay attention to the local crime rates and take all possible measures to reduce the risk of theft for your car.

Surprisingly, it doesn't take too much effort if you come to think of it. The risk of theft can be effectively reduced by following simple parking and storage rules for your car. If you have a garage in your house the car should be kept there instead of the driveway since it will significantly reduce the risk of theft or burglary. If your insurer finds out that you have a garage but don't keep the auto there you may actually get higher rates for insuring it. And even if you don't have a garage, keeping the car on the road isn't a solution. There are plenty of paid garages or parking lots in just any city or town, and the security you get there is certainly more than you get at the driveway. Just look at it from the thief's point of view: will you choose to go to a secured parking or will simply try to steal a car that is parked on the driveway? The answer is evident.

Even if you're visiting some place for a short time there are simple measures to consider if you want to reduce the risk of theft. Don't park the car in a dark alley assuming that no one will find it there. On the contrary, it will be safer for the thief to get inside the car unnoticed. So, try choosing a well-lit spot, preferably with plenty of passers-by in order to prevent any attempts of theft or burglary. Besides, if there's a paid parking lot or a large outlet with a parking zone nearby it would certainly be better to leave the car there.

As a general advice, remember that insurance companies pay close attention to the area you live in. If it is known for high crime rates then your auto insurance rates will certainly go up. So the best solution would be moving to a safer neighborhood. However, if it's not an option you should seriously consider equipping your car with additional anti-theft devices. This alone will help you get an auto insurance discount and will make your vehicle less attractive of a target for auto thieves. The better protected your car is the less expensive it will be to insure.

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