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Protecting your car against theft

There are many different risks that auto insurance is designed to protect against besides auto collision. From falling trees to parking scratches there are things that cannot be classified as car-to-car accidents that still need to be covered. However, when it comes to substantial damage there's nothing like auto theft out there since it takes away the entire car's value and is rather problematic to deal with. While authorities claim that the current vehicle theft rates have reached a historic low and are equal to those of the 1970's, there are still over 700 thousand cars being stolen every year. And only half of them make it back to their owners while the other getting successfully resold or broken down into spare parts. Needless to say, insurance companies aren't very happy to deal with such costs since they are the ones repaying the value of a stolen vehicle in case the customer has comprehensive auto insurance. But you can actually make the insurer play on your side if you consider taking some action to reduce the risk of theft for your car.

The mentioned drop in auto theft can in fact be partially attributed to insurance companies and their successful initiative of delivering substantial discounts to car owners who improved the security of their vehicles. By making car owners financially interested in reducing the risk of theft for their cars, insurance companies contributed to a substantial drop in car theft rates, which can also be attributed to the inclusion of better security features by car manufacturers. And it doesn't really matter which factor played a more important role as long as the effect is positive. Nevertheless, for millions of car owners this initiative became one of the most effective ways to get affordable auto insurance. All it takes is just a little investment and some paperwork, so why would you overlook this possibility if gets you cheaper insurance?

Some of you may argue that there is no such security measure that will provide a 100% guarantee against car theft. This is true, since thieves aren't staying in one place and are constantly improving their skills, being able to break into virtually any car. But there's something you have to understand when it comes to auto theft. None of the people professionally involved in this "business" wants to get caught and spend their lives in jail. And if a car takes too long to steal it's just too much of a risk to deal with. So your aim is to turn your car into such a risk, which no thief will want to deal with. It's a matter of making your car completely unattractive and too troublesome to consider and that's why you need to equip it with advanced anti-theft devices.

If you think that it's simply a matter of buying the latest and most expensive alarm system you're wrong. First of all, the investment must be reasonable as it doesn't make any sense equipping a car with an anti-theft system that costs more than the car itself. Besides, there are too many solutions to choose from, so you will surely find effective and affordable security features to equip your car with. Sometimes a simple steering wheel lock coupled with an average alarm system can be as effective as an ultra-technological anti-theft device that costs several thousand dollars. That's why it's recommended to combine several devices at the same time for maximum protection and cost optimization. Just remember that you will need to notify your insurer about the improvements after installing them. Only by doing so you will be able to opt for the discount you deserve and get cheaper car insurance.

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